March 2017



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The Fog is Getting Thicker

Alex Hardie, Principal Labs


By empirical definition, “fog” is the condensation of water vapor in the air, at dew point, where low-level clouds can form. Fog computing, however, is an emerging section of the wide area network that is the natural extension of “cloud” networks.  It is worth mentioning that the proper definition of “fog computing” is the border between data center and the wide area network (WAN).  In a fog network the compute function is distributed to the edge of the network. It’s there that data is acquired and/or created and can be acted upon at the most logical and efficient place between the data source and the cloud.


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  Sponsored Announcement

IoT North America Online Registration Closes March 22nd

Online registration for the Internet of Things North America conference will close on March 22nd. Secure your full conference pass before the rates increase $200. Core topics for the event will include: Big Data & Data Analytics, IIoT/Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, IoT Security, and Connectivity. The event will also host a new session track covering emerging trends for the Smart Home.


Confirmed speakers from Cisco, Intel, Oracle, Samsung, IBM Watson IoT, Nokia, Deere & Co., Navigant Research, and many others will help educate attendees on the newest developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities, features, application trends and performance improvements in the IoT industry. View the Sessions

  New Products

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse systems, devices and sensors into the IIoT
SmartSwarm 341 from B+B SmartWorx Powered by Advantech offers flexible data acquisition, processing and handoff via an inbuilt Node-RED user applications environment. Node-RED is a powerful, yet simple to use, applications programming environment optimized for processing data streams. Users drag and drop function nodes to acquire process and output data via an internal web server interface provided by the SmartSwarm 341. In addition to offering local data processing, the Node-RED environment is also able to create and serve local dashboards, providing a mechanism to serve summary data to engineers, managers or operational staff. - Learn More


Blue Pillar Unlocks the Value of Behind-the-Meter Data and Control

Blue Pillar has released its Aurora Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS) offering to advance the company’s mission to simplify access to behind-the-meter data and control from any type of distributed energy resource that generates, stores, switches, consumes or measures energy.  - Read More


Bedrock Open Secure Automation Platform Upgrade Extends Intrinsic Cyber Security

Bedrock Automation has announced a newly upgraded control system firmware that extends its intrinsic cyber security protection to networks, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and third-party applications. - Read More


Advantech Launches EN50155 Certified M12/M23 Ethernet Solutions

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group has launched the EN50155 certified Ethernet Switches (EKI-9516/9512) with M12/M23 connectors that are highly resistant to shock and vibration which ensures stable connection and communication. - Read More


Sensaphone Vibration Sensor Helps to Prevent Water Treatment Equipment Failure

Vibration fluctuations in water and wastewater machinery are an early indicator of problems that cause equipment failure such as pump cavitation, unbalanced fans and bad bearings. Sensaphone’s Vibration Sensor can be permanently mounted on equipment like pumps, motors, generators and diesel engines to continuously monitor vibration velocity and detect unusual conditions. - Read More

  Industry News

Growing Infrastructure Investment and Power Sector to Boost India Package Substation Market

According to 6Wresearch, India Package Substation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8 percent during 2017-23. Package Substation market in India has witnessed rapid growth over the past five years due to increasing demand for power as an effect of infrastructure development and rapid industrialization. - Read More


Critical Communications Private Broadband LTE Market to Reach $2.6 billion by 2020

The critical communications broadband LTE market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent, from $1.1 billion in 2015 to reach $2.6 billion in 2020, according to IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions. - Read More


SGIP White Paper Addresses Protecting Smart Grids from Electromagnetic Phenomena

SGIP has announced the publication of a new white paper addressing the performance of smart grid devices near power lines, where electromagnetic (EM) phenomena could threaten grid reliability. - Read More



Event Listings


ConnectedCitiesUSAConnected Cities USA

The conference program for Connected Cities USA has been announced. Led by industry leading organizations such as Argonne National Labs, Cisco, Commonwealth Edison, Libelium, Ingenu, Phillips Lighting and many more, these educational sessions will teach attendees the strategies and technologies to bring smart cities to fruition. View the Program


Conference Sessions Include:

  • Creating an Intelligent Foundation for Smart Cities - Cisco

  • Array of Things: A Sensor-Based Fitness Tracker For Cities - Argonne National Lab

  • Developing New Smart City Projects - Commonwealth Edison

  • Building Smarter, Safer Cities with the IoT - ON Semiconductor

  • Real Solutions for IoT and Smart Cities - Libelium

  • Empowering Smart Cities Through Network Outsourcing - Ingenu

  • Rethinking the Path to Gaining Insight When Smart City Data Gets Too Big - InfoBright

  • The Benefits of Industry Standards from Smart Lighting to Smart Cities - TALQ Consortium

  • Harnessing Connected Lighting to Empower Smarter Cities - Phillips Lighting

  • Smart Green Buildings - CCJM Engineering

  • Smart Cities: Is Your City Ready? - Digi International

  • A Case Study of Location Aware Device Data Analysis and its Impact on Smart Cities and the IoT - ESI Group


ConnectedCitiesUSAMicrogrids East 2017
Attend this industry event and learn how to deploy microgrids while achieving strategic energy objectives, integrate renewable energy sources with microgrids, and much more. This year’s event will feature a tour of Schneider Electric’s Boston One Microgrid project.
April 5-7, 2017 : Boston, MA
Use Promocode: GRID for $700/off registration
Contact: Angela Hamilton 414.2221.1700

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